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“TRI-BEER-NATION” a special event, organized by the 2008th generation students


Beer  is  one of the favorite drinks in the community. Beer  began  attracting the Indonesian people  during the Colonial era in 1937 when a beer factory in Surabaya was opened  using the brand of Heineken’s Bier which now known as Beer Bintang under the Multi Bintang Indonesia company which was recently declared as one of the favourite beer brands in Indonesia.
Beer as one of the oldest  drinks in the world is very often viewed negatively by the  Indonesian people, however this is done without the knowledge that it possesses many healthy benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease  preventing cancer, and avoiding kidney disease.   The alcohol in beer is good for increasing good cholesterol in blood, besides it also contains vitamin B6 which is also good to consume as long as the maximum dose is not exceeded.  One to two  glasses a day  can be greatly enjoyable if you already  know its use for health.

Trisakti Insitute of Tourism is one of the best schools in Indonesia where students learn about various kinds of alcohol containing drinks inclusive beer.  And also the various serving  techniques are  taught to the students in STP Trisakti. In conjunction with this event management  subject, the 2008th  generation  organized  this special event of  “Trisakti Beer Seminar & Competition” abbreviated as TRI-BEER-NATION.

Purpose of this event

  1. To introduce to the public  in particular  students  of  STP Trisakti about  how to make, use and share other  information about beer.
  2. The place  for STP Trisakti students in Jakarta to sharpening their creativity for  preparing  beer as a delicious beverage.
  3. To introduce the number one beer  brand in Indonesia, Bintang beer to the public.
  4. To increase the variety of beer for Indonesia consumers.

This seminar discusses about how to make beer and to deal with the question about whether people can become drunk , because of the alcohol contained in it beer. Not only beer, durian, fermented cassava or ‘tape’ as it is called locally also contain alcohol  mentioned on of the  trainers who graduated from technical and marine engineering, that present how to serve draught beer, beside bottled and canned .  Beer is pumped out from a barrel or wooden drum, filled into clean glasses which are not dirty, and which were washed with odorless and non-sticky soap, a special brush, and then rinsed with 40-50o C hot water do not apply wipe-drying but let it dry naturally with upside down position providing air circulation ventilation until no odor is detected in glass.
The proper manner to tab the beer into an empty glass, hold at a 30⁰ angle, usually the initial tab will be still foaming due to high temperature.  When pouring the beer, please take care that it should be two fingers from the top edge of the glass, if the beer is not foaming then this means that the beer is not fresh, or that the glass is dirty. Clear beer without bubbles is sometimes affected by the water source used in the washing process.  Serve the beer again as soon as you see that the glass has reached a quarter position.
Use a separate  place to wash the beer glasses.  If the customer wants to have another  beer then change the glass.  Keep beer in a cold place, draught beer storage must  be provided with a  cooling machine.  Keeping the temperature at 0-3⁰ C.
In this competition for tapping draught beer the winner was Lianti, this female student was able to be the  1st winner because she performed  very calm and steady when doing it.



Hotel & tourism business in management knowledge, for Trisakti Institute of Tourism students seemed very well built and also extremely motivated, which according to me is the most important thing. Willingness to learn and a good background in classroom behavior and participation were some of the things I really liked.
The inbound tourism in general, Indonesia is defiantly not just Bali. I can see a country full of cultural elements and welcoming people and to me this denoted great potential for future tourism development. Following the patterns of international tourism I think that Indonesia will witness tremendous growth patterns and therefore I would encourage more and more students to engage with hospitality and tourism. Indonesia does not need to westernize in order to become attractive.
Would it be suitable for a young entrepreneur to start with a new business or work to gain experience, I myself have been a general manager for about 9 years in luxury hotels and I started in small businesses and F&B positions. Experience along the line with good education is very important but most important is the determination to learn, how to adapt and grow. Some international exposure would be very beneficial in other to understand other cultures and business systems.  If I were a student I would try internships in both small as well as large luxury establishments just to get a spherical view of the industry.

To be honest I see Indonesia as a case of a developing country with a lot of similarities with other developing countries. Mentality is a certain issue especially when it comes to business culture but I also see clever and resourceful individuals that could succeed anywhere. Maybe you could be more outspoken and organized but I am not sure whether that model would work here. These changes take time and are connected with deeply rooted social factors. Trisakti is doing a great job though in shaping wonderful and well educated individuals and I think that this is the way forward. Now as far as LG cancelled event …well I think that we need to respect the unique nature and individuality of Indonesia and so should also the tourists. In fact this is why someone should visit Indonesia with an open mind for something different. It will definitely create a certain fear to tourists and might also affect pricing policies for hotels…Either way the tourism industry has a remarkable way to bounce back and I would think that this will not create more significant problems. I consider environmental pollution in Jakarta a far more important issue to be considered.
What do you think about Trisakti Institute of Tourism Campus or what we like to call as  “Charming campus”?
More than charming I would say. Some people might call it small …I call it just right. Small enough to know the students…big enough to maintain a critical mass of student body. Wonderful Institute with great members of staff and friendly faces.
Winny Winarni:
A week in Mr. Benetatos’ class was very much appreciated.  The way he taught us was very clear & mind broadening.  Well structured explanations were approved by real case examples.  He also encouraged students participation in the class & gave us a clear picture of how the class in IMI will be conducted.  My only disappointment is that the class schedule was way too packed.  Of course, for strategic management subject, one week is less than enough.  Especially when we have to do the final assignment, we had to prepare it in a hurry because we only had one day.  In my opinion, the class should be better conducted at least in two weeks to maximize the learning process.  We do agree that for such subject, we could not learn it in an instant.  Overall,  I’m satisfied & I do hope that Trisakti & IMI will continue this program in the future.


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