Welcome to Trisakti Institute of Tourism

Foreword by the chairman : Fetty Asminiati, SE, MM

Thank you for your trust in deciding to develop your potentials and career opportunities at the Trisakti Institute of Tourism, which is indeed a bridge to your professionalism in field of hospitality.

The Trisakti Institute of Tourism has been actively involved in the educational and hospitality world for more than 44 years, and is the first private tertiary institute that offers a Diploma IV program in Indonesia, to obtain the degree of Bachelor in Applied Sciences.

With nearly 11,000 alumni (in 2013) who have spread to various industries in-country as well as overseas, a strong access has been created in expanding career chances and opportunities in the competitive hospitality industry. Through pro-active efforts to establish its mission and vision, namely to develop the STP Trisakti as the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (National Tourism Studies), we invite you to join with the Trisakti, Institute of Tourism in order to assist you in achieving success.


Career in the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry

STPTTravel and tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world, with limitless potential. It offers more employment opportunities than most other industries.
Meanwhile, hotel industry is one of the key factors to the success of tourism industry. Due to the rapid stream of globalization, the industry grows more rapidly than ever, not only in Indonesia but also all over the world.
With the increasing need for hotel products and services, demand for qualified human resources for various domestic and overseas jobs and positions in the industry is growing dramatically.

Trisakti institute of tourism (STPT) cooperated with IMI University centre of Switzerland, is mainly concerned with an international joint program between STPT and IMI, and offers value based quality education of international standards. The Institute’s goal is to produce highly qualified graduates for employment in hotel, tourism and services management positions at a national as well as global level. Students get to hone their skills and techniques on all fronts, with special emphasis on hotel operational and management & entrepreneurial skills.

STPT considers the cooperation with IMI University Centre of Switzerland is strategic due to the fact that Switzerland is the country where tourism and hospitality industry was born, and known for the excellent quality of tourism education and training graduates from hotel and tourism schools in Switzerland spread across the globe and are well known for their high quality of professionalism.

We invite you to join our international program and take advantage of the many career opportunities that are available to our graduates.

Trisakti and IMI Partnership : The Best of both Worlds

Quote from the president of IMI University Centre : Heinz Buerki

When partnership between Trisakti and IMI was signed, I felt  satisfled for more than one reason.

Professional satisfaction : because both partners share are the same values and ideals. Trisakti and IMI are genuinely striving to develop the students’ professional know-how: skills, management techniques, entrepreneurial ambition.

But in order to make them highly employable as future executives, both develop the personalities of student: how to become role models for future, to be efficient communicator and negotiators, and many more. Managerial techniques evolve over the years , but the “soft skills” are for live, even more importantly, they ensure that Trisakti – IMI graduates are employable not only in the hotel, tourism, and events industry, but also in service industries in general : banking, communication, marketing, consulting, and many more.

Beside the academic quality, we place a lot of emphasis on the factor: student from 40 nationalities learn to appreciate each others’ cultures, and all staff is trained to be attentive to students’ wellbeing. A family atmosphere is vital to allow students to develop their full potential during their studles.

I was also very satisfled for personal reason: having lived and worked in Indonesia during 5 years in the 1970s, and being married to an Indonesian national, this partnership gives me more opportunities to visit the beautiful country. Last but not least, I trust that the management of both educational institutes have learnt to appreciate each other on the personal level. From my experience, this is always a strong guarantee for perennity and ongoing quality of such links.





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STPTIMIJakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, an archipelago country consisting of about 13,000 islands and 200 million people. Indonesia has a unique diversity of tribes, language culture, customs and religion. The diversity was mirrored in the capital city of Jakarta. Jakarta has extraordinarily developed and would be at the forefont in asia over the next few decades. Jakarta is a unique with is status as the capital city of Indonesia and the center of the city administration. Jakarta is also a center of social, cultural and health activities. Jakarta is the prominent gateway of Indonesia. Because of its geographical condition, land, air and sea transportation are available.