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Trisakti Institute of Tourism Profile

Established in 1969, the institute of tourism, known as STP Trisakti became the vanguard in professional tourism expertise education, that up to this day remains consistent in its confidence that tourism will become the determining sector in the nation’s income, and hence STP Trisakti is committed to its role in preparing human resources who are competent in the field of tourism of tourism.


With a total number a nearly 10,000 alumni, who have mostly been absorbed in the workforce as well as independently working in various in tourism industries, STP Trisakti has proven its educational output possess a strategic position in business in competition, whether on national as well as on international scale. STP Trisakti alumni have proven their abilities and excellence, whether holding a course/training certificate, a Diploma I up to those with an Undergraduate Degree, and all established their share in the development and instigating the tourism in industry in this nation.


Acknowledgement of their achievement received in country as well as from overseas are shown by the various awards being conferred, such as : the Adikarya and Adikaryotama from DKI Jakarta Provincial Governor, for four consecutive years from 1999 up to 2002, the Inovasi Kepariwisataan from the Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Grand award 2004 and the Adikarya Wisata 2005. Then STP Trisakti’s educational joint cooperation with IMI University Centre, Switzerland in providing a double degree program in 2008, representing Indonesia at the 2008 Asean Skill Competition in the culinary and Service field. Hence no wonder that the greater part of Indonesian. Public recognizes and trust the educational quality of the STP Trisakti……How about YOU?

The educational levels offered by STP Trisakti, comprises :

Besides those above mentioned strata, which are offered on a regular basic, in particular for the graduate program is offered an Advance Graduate program is offered. This is geared to graduates of the Tourism Diploma III, whether those from in country as well as overseas who intend to proceed to accomplish the Sarjana Sains Terapan level, which is regard equal to S-1.